Jamie Collette - Voice Artist

A natural Australian baritone, great for anything from soft-read to hard-sell and ideal for warm, rich reads.

Commercial Voice Reel

About Jamie

Jamie Collette is a graduate of Actors Centre Australia (2011), and has worked as an actor, coach and voice artist across theatre, film and radio, as well as teaching classical language and poetry to kids and performers around Australia. Beyond his natural warm baritone voice are a plethora of characters, with a wide variety of accents and dialects, spawned from his theatrical imagination - ready to burst out at a moments notice!

Contact Jamie

Need a character, commercial or trailer voiced in a hurry at a professional home-studio standard? Jamie works hard and fast, always putting the client's needs first. Send a message here and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

If you require a particular accent or character, send Jamie a message and he will happily test for you. He's highly proficient in many American and British dialects, most European accents, and many more exotic and regionally-specific accents, with an age range from teen to senior. 

Jamie Collette - Voice Artist


Home Studio Specs

Studio includes a Rode NT1A microphone, PreSonus Preamp and Adobe Audition for recording and editing.